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A level Law develops knowledge and understanding of the English legal system. The study of Law at A level enables students to develop their analytical and critical thinking skills. Studying Law develops students’ problem solving skills through the application of legal rules, together with an understanding of legal method and reasoning. Although academically demanding, students will benefit from and enjoy the application of law in real life and everyday situations.


AS Level

Unit 1: Law Making

Parliamentary Law Making

Delegated Legislation

The Criminal Courts and Lay People

Unit 2: The Concept of Liability

An Introduction to Criminal Liability (Non-fatal offences against the person)

An Introduction to Tort Law

A2 Level:

Unit 3: Criminal Law 

Criminal Law (Fatal and non-fatal offences against the person)

Unit 4: Criminal Law 

Criminal Law (Offences against property)

Concepts of Law


The skills developed as a result of studying A level Law provide excellent preparation for those students who wish to progress to degree level study or pursue a wide range of careers. Students progress to work within the legal profession and can become barristers or solicitors and many use their knowledge and skills to pursue a career in Social Work, Human Resources, Teaching etc.

Exam Board: AQA

Key Staff

Miss Emily Proudlock

Course Type

A Level

Course Category



2 years

Entry Requirements


Grade B in GCSE in English.

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